Cherokee Families of Rusk County, Texas

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Family Group Biographies

Biographical sketches associated with families of the heads-of-household listed below are accessible at the indicated hyperlinks.   These Cherokee families were of mixed blood and all had once lived in the eastern Cherokee Nation.  By 1838, they had removed west to Indian Territory.  After 1845,  these families moved to Rusk County, Texas and formed what later came to be called the Mount Tabor Indian Community.  The family groups were all connected to each other by blood and/or marriage. 

Benjamin Franklin Thompson (1803-1868)

Caleb Starr Bean ((1820-1902)

George Harlan Starr (1806-1879)

Jesse Mayfield (1793-1857)

John Thompson Adair (1812-1891)

John Griffith Harnage (1817-1891)

John Adair Bell (1805-1860)

Thomas Starr (1813-1890)

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